Inversion Table Buying Guides

With so many different brands and models, which inversion table is best for me? If that’s what you are thinking, you are in the right place at the right time.

Here are the guidelines for finding the best model for the best price:

Which Brand is the Best?

Based on the consumer feed back, the following three brands have more positive reviews than other brands:

Teeter Hang Ups

Teeter Hang Ups:
Pros – A reliable US brand. Certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories, an independent product safety certification organization. The company has excellent customer service and the quality is assured with 5 year warranty on components.
Cons – Teeter Hang Ups models are more expensive than those of other brands.

Pros – This popular brand has a variety of models with affordable prices. Practically all models come with a sturdy frame. As of this writing, the model 1000 in particular has 220 positive feedbacks from customers out of 234 reviews.
Cons – Ironman models come with no warrantees or instructional DVDs.

Which model should I choose?

The question you are probably asking is whether you should buy a high-end model, or a less expensive model and what are the differences.

Based on your needs, the two most important features you want to look for are:

* Backrest: Choose from Standard or Foam backrest. While most users do not have problems with the standard backrest, some users prefer well padded backrest.

* Ankle Support: Choose from Strap, Pin Lock, or Ratchet System. While you are in an inverted position, your ankles carry some of your weight and you want to make sure your ankles are as comfortable as they can be. Look for ankle supports with lots of cushions. Tips: Fit the ankle holders snug. Don’t clamp them too tight. It will cause discomfort from restricted blood flow.

Are there any good inversion tables that cost less than $150?

Ironman® Endurance 100 Inversion Table and LifeGear’s Deluxe Inversion Table are both less than $150 and have over 100 positive reviews.

The Biggest Reason for Return:
What upsets customers the most is when the order arrives with broken or missing pieces and not finding it out until the assembly is almost complete. Dismantling, repacking and taking it to the post office for a refund are a lot of hassle. It’s a good idea to leave an instruction to double-check the content when placing an order.

A large portion of the negative reviews are related to ankle and foot pain. If you are buying an inversion table for daily use, choose the one with well padded ankle support.

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